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Liners (Sanivar)

What is the maximum wall thickness for liner with polyethylene coating?

The wall thickness of the liner is about 2,2 - 2,8 mm.

What coating do you normally use?

We use PE, PU, or PES coatings.

Do you also have heat resistent silicon coatings?

No, we do not produce liners with a silicone-coating.

Is your polyurethane coating polyether or polyester based?

Our polyurethane coating is ether based.

How long is the shelf life of your adhesive?

Once the two components of the polyurethane adhesive are mixed, the resulting adhesive has a shelf life of 6 hours. However, if stored separately at ambient temperature the shelf life is 24 months. NOTE: Do not store at temperatures below 3°C!

How long does your adhesive need until it is fully cured?

At ambient temperature it takes 48 hours for the adhesive to fully cure.

Does your liner also work in combination with other adhesives?

Yes, our system also works with the epoxy-based glew MK III from IS Lux. However, please be aware that you have to heat this adhesive for curing.

What materials are you using for your woven jacket?

We use polyester yarn (1100 dtex) for our woven jacket.

What is the maximum diameter for SaniTube?

The maximum diameter for our SaniTube system is DN400.

Do you twist the yarn?

Yes, we twist the yarn. The exact extend depends on the construction of the individual jacket.


Do you also have a hytrel coated liner?

Yes, we have also a hytrel coated liner, that we use for gas and district heating.

How long is your delivery time?

In general we guarantee a delivery of at least 4 weeks after payment.

What is the wall thickness of the liner?

The wall thickness of the liner is 3.8 mm.

What is the maximum length that you can produce?

We could produce 1000 meters in one stretch, however the wooden transportation wheels are for max. 400 meters, because of the weight of the liner in DN 400.

How much cleaning is needed for the old pipe before installing SaniTube?

A rough cleaning is enough, after the cleaning you pull a pig through the line and check if the surface is damaged. If not, you can start pulling in the liner.

Can I install SaniTube through a bend?

Yes, not a problem.

What type of bends can you handle with this dimension?

Up to 45°.

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