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Amex Sanivar - your expert for trenchless pipe rehabilitation.

When it comes to rehabilitating damaged pipes, most people immediately think of large construction sites and lengthy trenching. But this does not always have to be the case! Because thanks to modern technologies, there is now an alternative to traditional pipe rehabilitation: trenchless pipe rehabilitation.

As an experienced specialist in this field, Amex Sanivar offers you a fast, cost-effective and, above all, environmentally friendly solution for the repair and rehabilitation of your pipes. In doing so, we rely on state-of-the-art methods such as inliner or pipe lining technology, which allow for a fast and efficient rehabilitation of your pipelines without the need for invasive groundbreaking.

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What is trenchless pipeline rehabilitation?

This image by Roman Pentin on Unsplash shows an open-cut trench pipe repair technique. Dieses Bild von Roman Pentin auf Unsplash zeigt eine Technik zur Reparatur von Rohren im offenen Graben.

No Dig

We care about the environment - that was one of the reasons Amex and Sanivar were founded all those years ago. By choosing trenchless technologies from Amex Sanivar, there is less pollution, less CO2 released during installation, and less trauma for the world. So which do you choose:

Left - the traditional way for repairing pipes 


Right - our trenchless methods?

A small trench in the middle of the street demonstrates the benefits of trenchless pipe repair and Amex Sanivar's SaniTube product. Ein kleiner Graben in der Mitte der Straße demonstriert die Vorteile der grabenlosen Rohrsanierung und des SaniTube-Produkts von Amex Sanivar.

Amex Sanivar on NDR

Amex® Seals help the city of Hamburg repair their sewage system.

NDR spent the day exploring the canals of Hamburg as they repaired the sewage system with Amex® Seals. 

Check out the video to find out more about the project.


Trenchless pipe repair technician installs a DN 900 seal in GRP pipe in Dubai with Amex Sanivar's Amex seal. Ein Techniker für grabenlose Rohrreparaturen installiert eine Dichtung DN 900 in einem GFK-Rohr in Dubai mit der Amex-Dichtung von Amex Sanivar.
Joint & Spot Repair

Have a leaking joint? Or maybe a spot damage that needs a quick, local, long-lasting repair? Amex-10® Seals act as internal pipe sleeves to repair your pipe. Our seals span widths up to 600mm and are approved for water, sewage, gas, oil, and other mediums. 

Amex Sanivar's trenchless pipe repair product SaniTube being installed in Sweden by Pollex. Das grabenlose Rohrreparatursystem SaniTube von Amex Sanivar wird in Schweden von Pollex installiert.
Pipe Rehabilitation

Do you have a hard to access pipe? Work in a major city? Looking for a cheaper alternative to open-cut pipe replacement or other trenchless rehabilitation methods? Amex Sanivar has a full range of liners designed to rehabilitate your pipeline, no matter the length. 

Installer at Amex Sanivar measures a house connection cut into the tenchless pipe repair product SaniLine from Amex Sanivar. Installateur bei Amex Sanivar misst einen Hausanschluss, der in das zapfenlose Rohrsanierungsprodukt SaniLine von Amex Sanivar geschnitten wurde.

Amex Sanivar got its start over 40 years ago actually as two small construction companies - Amex and Sanivar. Since then, Amex and Sanivar have become Amex Sanivar and have grown to develop seals and liners of all varieties, shapes, and sizes. As an innovation leader in the industry, we take pride in the quality of our current solutions, while always keeping an eye to the future. With all of our products being developed and manufactured in Germany and Switzerland, we know that we will have a solution to meet your needs. 



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Product Approvals

Amex Sanivar has products approved from some of the leading water and gas organizations around the globe. Here are just a few. 

Company Approvals

Amex Sanivar takes company approvals seriously. Here are just a few.

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