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As a trenchless technology solution provider, Amex Sanivar pipe repair solutions have been designed to solve any problems that you may have with pipelines and infrastructure. We offer solutions that can fix joints or spot leaks in a pipe, or even rehabilitate kilometers of pipelines. Our solutions can fit into a pipes with diameters as small as 80mm and as large as 6000mm. We can rehabilitate round, square, egg-shaped, and other uniques shaped pipes. You bring us a problem, we find you a solution. That is our goal. That is our promise. 

Joint & Spot Repair


Installed while you wait, lasts a lifetime.

We repair joints and localized damage with our time-proven Amex Seal system. Our internal pipe seals come in numerous sizes and variations - they can be used to repair a joint o spot damage in pipes ranging from DN 100 up to DN 6000. They are approved for all pipe types, as well as most mediums. Here are our products at a glance.

  • Amex -10 Mono - A pipe repair seal ranging in size DN 600 - DN 6000. Specifically designed for water applications in EPDM rubber, and gas and petrochemicals in NBR rubber.

  • Amex -10 Vario - A pipe repair seal that is built on our interlocking technology that allows us to stack seals on top of one another to seal distances of any length. The seal ranges in size DN 600 - DN 6000. Specifically designed for water applications in EPDM rubber, and gas and petrochemicals in NBR rubber.

  • Amex-10 LEM- A pipe repair seal meant to accommodate changes in pipe diameter, be this from a cured in place pipe repair liner  or changes in the actual pipe sizes. Comes in sizes DN150 - DN 4000.

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We have been approved for use with potable water through international boards such as NSF, WRAS, DVGW, SVGW, AWQC, and more. 

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Gas is no problem. Our coatings and materials have withstood the tests of time, and also approvals such as DIN 30658-1.

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With approvals and tests from major governing bodies like the ASTM, we can handle oil jobs of all different shapes and sizes.  

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Industrial jobs tend to be tight on space and inconvenience. With proven materials and installation techniques we can keep your factory running.

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Sewage is where we got our start, meaning that we know what we are doing.  

Pipe rehabilitation liners

We repair full pipelines of any length with our highly acclaimed Sanivar liners. With three liner types, we offer a range of solutions for various sizes and mediums. All of our liners are certified and approved for rehabilitating pipelines and have been used for more than 40 years. Our liners at a glance:

  • SaniLine - A cold-curing cured in place pipe repair liner (CIPP) that is inverted through the host pipe. Ranging in size from DN 80 - DN 800, this liner is approved for water, sewage, industrial applications, gas, and oil.  

  • SaniTube - A pulled in place pipe repair liner (PIPP) that requires no adhesive or curing. Installation time is a fraction, and SaniTube is reconnected using our SaniGrip couplings. Ranging in sizes DN 25 to DN 400 with pressure ratings up to PN 50 for our standard liner, SaniTube is built and tested for every medium.

  • SaniPipe - Need a structural liner? This PIPP and CIPP liner combines a resin-soaked felt liner with our proven SaniLine technology to provide a Class 4 structural liner. From DN 80 - DN 400.

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Engineering Services

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