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Amex Sanivar warehouse with SaniLine CIPP liner being prepared for shipping. Amex Sanivar Lager mit SaniLine CIPP Liner wird für den Versand vorbereitet.

Sanivar liners

SaniLine© rehabilitates drinking water pipeline running through city
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Tests and approvals:

  • Potable Water: DVGW, KTW, ACS, Hygiene Institute Moscow DVGW, SVGW

  • Quality Management: ISO 9001

  • Environmental Management: ISO 14001

  • Burst test: DIN 14811

  • Abrasion resistance DIN EN 14811:2008-01

  • Jet fuel chemical resistance: ASTM D2624 , ASTM D130, ASTM D3241 P

CAD drawing of internal pipe repair CIPP liner SaniLine from Amex Sanivar. CAD-Zeichnung des CIPP-Liners SaniLine für die Innenrohrreparatur von Amex Sanivar.


Our cured in place pipe repair liner (CIPP) that can navigate up to 90°  bends and cures through pressure.

Technical specifications liner:

  • Liner material: PET-multifilament yarn  

  • Coating material: Polyethylene / polyurethane 

  • Diameter: DN 80 - 800 (3-32")

  • Application: Potable water, industrial, sewage, gas, oil 

  • Installation length (max): 350m 

  • Installation time (max): 6 hours 

  • Installation method: Inversion 

  • Curing method: Ambient/Pressure 

  • Curing time (max): 24 hours 

  • Inversion pressure: 0.5-1.5 bar 

  • Max. applicable operating pressure: 16 bar

  • Bends: Up to 90° 

  • Ending: End Seal

  • Operating temperature (max) (C): PE 60°, PU 70°, PES 80°

  • Curing temperature (max) (C): 80°

Sanitube© rehabilitates 600 meter drinking water pipeline in Sweden
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Tests and approvals: