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Amex Sanivar technician measuring the diameter of a house connection in sample of CIPP liner SaniLine. Der Techniker von Amex Sanivar misst den Durchmesser eines Hausanschlusses in einer Probe der CIPP-Auskleidung SaniLine.

Engineering Services

Bring your project to us

While Amex Sanivar has grown to become a supplier of trenchless pipe rehabilitation solutions worldwide, we have maintained our close connection to our origins as a construction company. This allows us to take on unique and special projects. So, have a difficult pipe repair project? Bring it to us and let us do the work.

CAD drawing of special project Amex Seal with t-connection in pipe for Amex Sanivar. CAD-Zeichnung Sonderprojekt Amex Seal mit T-Verbindung im Rohr für Amex Sanivar.

Special Products

With our expertise in both pipe relining technologies and joint repair solutions, we understand the importance of making sure the product you choose is the best fit. Sometimes that means making a special product. Some unique projects that we have worked on are:

  • Amex gap seal to keep high pressure infiltration out     

  • Square profiled Amex sealing solutions

  • Reinforced Amex seal for extra strength

  • Tensile stretch resistant couplings

  • Robotic house connections

  • Reinforced pressure pipe liners

Special Projects

For products we offer material testing and external verification and interpretation of testing results to make sure that your product can meet the demands of your pipe repair project.

We also offer feasibility studies to help plan out your trenchless rehabilitation project and interpret data, maps, and other project related items.

CAD technical drawing of special couplings designed for connecting pipelines from Amex Sanivar. Technische CAD-Zeichnung von Spezialkupplungen zum Verbinden von Rohrleitungen von Amex Sanivar.


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High view computer sketch of pipeline network. High-View-Computerskizze des Rohrleitungsnetzes.

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Extra protection with SaniGrip and SaniTube from Amex Sanivar. Zugsicherung mit SaniGrip und SaniTube von Amex Sanivar.
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