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Seals (Amex)


Can I remove Amex seals after installation?

Yes, all our seals can be removed and re-used.

Can I retighten the Amex cuff after a few years?

Yes, retightening is possible at any time.

Does the Amex seal help against severe water invasions at joints or defects?

Yes, our seals can withstand an outside pressure of up to 8 bar.

I have a special medium in my pipeline, can I still use Amex?

Yes, after conducting a detailed analyses of your medium, we are able to adapt our components to your requirements.


Can the Amex seal be installed under water?

Yes, we cooperate with experienced divers, who are able to install Amex seals under water.


Can the Amex seal connect pipe bursts?

Yes. Based on the gap (and the angle) we offer you the right sleeve. Due to the high flexibility of the sleeve not only wide sleeves / gap dimensions but also angles can be bridged.


Can I use Amex seal to make sure my liner stays in place?

Yes, Amex Liner End seals are especially designed to make sure your liner will stay in place.


Is it possible to install Amex horizontally?

Yes, our seals can also be installed horizontally, e.g., to seal a manhole.


What is the minimum diameter to install an Amex seal?

Our Amex Mono and Vario solutions can only be installed in accessible pipes - in Germany this requires a minimum of DN150 for Amex Mono and DN380 for Amex Vario. Amex Liner End seals, however, can be installed for any diameter larger than DN50.


Can Amex be used for gas pipes?

Yes, Amex seals are also approved and used for sealing gas pipes.


Can you implement Amex inside a heating grid with internal connections/lines?

Yes, on request we can vulcanise the seals at the job site.


Can Amex be used in a former safety area?

Yes, since we only work with hydraulic tools there is no risk in installing Amex seals in former safety areas.


Do I need power for the installation of the Amex seals?

No, we only work with hydraulic tools.


Can I place an Amex seal on top of rehabilitated joints?

Yes, the flexibility of our system enables rehabilitation of joints and leaks on every surface.


What is the rubber of the Amex seal made of?

The rubber of the AMEX seal is produced according to the flow medium. We use EPDM as a basic material for potable water and sewage lines. We use a special NBR for gas lines. For other media, specifically for aggressive liquids, we require a chemical analysis of the contents. The best material for production of the seals is chosen based on this information.


What kind of host pipe is the Amex seal suitable for?

Generally, all pipe materials can be renovated with the Amex system.


What information do you need in order to successfully install an Amex Seal?

In order to ensure a perfect fit, we require the precise inner diameter of the pipe or defect area under indication of the maximum tolerances possible. Furthermore, we need the exact length between the pipe connections. We need the maximum operating pressure, as well as the outside pressure in case the pipeline is under water. In case of Amex Liner End we also need the liner thickness and old pipe diameter in addition to the liner inner diameter.


Can I fix a local defect on top of a liner?

Yes, Amex seals can be installed on any surface.


Does the pipe surface in the seal area have to be prepared?

This depends on the condition of the pipe surface. Corrosion and contamination must be removed and coarse irregularities must be balanced out. For best sealing results, the seal must be pressed onto a smooth pipe inner wall.


In what sizes can Amex seals be delivered?

Amex seals are customised products. Before production of seals, the pipes are measured on either side of the joint and possible tolerances are determined. Amex seals have already been produced in sizes from DN500 to DN6000 and installed successfully. Liner End seals are available as of DN 188.


How are the seals installed?

Amex seals are set up in the pipe, two steel rings of stainless steel are inserted into the cut-outs of the seals and pressed apart with a hydraulic installation tool. This pressure is mechanically fastened and presses the sleeves against the pipe inner wall tightly.


How is tightness of the seal tested?

On request, a flat valve can be installed in any Amex seal. Each seal can be pressed with a portable compressed air unit. The seal ends at the pipe wall are treated with a soapy solution, which makes escaping air/bubbles visible.


What width are the seals available in?

The required width is according to the seal construction, seals or defect width and the corrosion. The Amex seal is available in the following widths: 260 mm width, 320 mm width, 366 mm width, 500 mm width. Special productions are possible. With the Amex Vario system, we are able to produce inner linings of any length.


What warranty does the Amex system grant?

The Amex seals in the different materials are subjected to comprehensive tests. The tests simulate an aging process of 50 years for the seal material. We grant the warranties common for building services for the different countries.


Can the seals bridge movements in the seal?

Yes, this is one of the strengths of the Amex systems. Since the seals on either side of the joint are attached to two independent pipes, movements of the pipe in the joint can be bridged. If the type of movement is foreseeable, the respective special profile can be used.


Can the seal bridge offsets?

Since Amex is attached to two different pipe walls across the seal, offsets can be bridged.


Can two different pipe materials be connected to each other?

The Amex seal is independently attached to two different pipe walls. This permits sealing the sleeve connection of different pipe materials.


Can pipe breaks be repaired?

Yes. The Amex Mono seal can seal radial cracks and Amex Vario can seal axial cracks.


Can the seals resist pressing ground water?

Amex resists pressing ground water by installing additional tension bands to avoid buckling of the seal. Static calculations can be generated.


How far does the seal reduce the flow cross-section?

After setting the stainless steel rings with the corresponding pre-tension, the profile will add another 12mm in thickness.


What is the delivery time of Amex seals?

Depending on the order scope, the average delivery time is 2 - 3 weeks after receipt of the written order. In emergencies, shorter delivery times are possible.

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