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Irrigation pipe breaks under major highway in Tudela, Spain

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Waren, Germany from the water.
©Albert Torelló - Tudela panoramica


Tudela is a municipality in the northern Spain province of Navarra known for its cathedrals and history. The city itself has 35,000 inhabitants and boasts a long tradition of history in this region of Spain.

Late in 2020, an irrigation pipe that runs under the A68 highway – a main highway that connects with Barcelona - was in need of repairs. IRETSA, a local contractor in Spain, took on the job and chose the Amex© Seal system to repair the pipes.


There were a number of challenges facing IRETSA as the worked on a solution to rehabilitate the pipes. As the lines crossed under a major highway, there was no access other than at the entrance and exit. Digging wasn’t an option. Secondly, as the region needs irrigation water, it was vital that the job be completed as soon as possible. They didn’t have the luxury of a long installation window. That is why they chose the Amex© Seal solution.


After a week of hard work and limited availability of access to the pipe, the 19 Amex© Seals were successfully installed. All deadlines were met and the client was very pleased with the speed and effectiveness of the Amex© Seal system.

Amex Mono© Specifications

How it works

● Amex© Seals are composed of EPDM, NBR or FKM rubber providing both flexibility and endurance

● With a size range from 600mm to 6000mm, there is something for almost every job ● Tested to withstand internal pressures of up to 25 bar and external pressure up to 8 bar

● The seals can be installed in any type of pipe material and most shapes

Main advantages

● Use of hydraulic tool allows for quick and easy installation

● Design life of over 50 years!

● More than 30 years of experience between our technicians

● Own production and service

● No resin, no impregnation, and no curing needed

● Can be custom made to fit your specifications

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