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Amex Sanivar trains and installs Amex® Seals for Greeley Stormwater in Greeley, CO.

Stormwater in need of repairs

Greeley is one of the older communities in northern Colorado, tracing its founding back to before Colorado was officially a state of the USA. Because of that, its piping infrastructure is also over 100 years old in some places.

Stormwater Greeley is responsible for drainage standards, stormwater runoff, among other things. They are also leading the way in trying and adoption trenchless technologies to help prolong the life of their infrastructure, leading them to the Amex® Seal system.

Map showing job site for Greeley, CO and Amex Sanivar


As Greeley Stormwater continues the inspection of their ageing infrastructure network, they are coming across various forms of damage. These can come in the form of lateral cracks in the pipe, offset joints, tree roots that have punched through the pipe, among other things. To repair these they are exploring and employing various trenchless technologies, like the Amex® Seal system.


The importance of Measuring before installing Amex® Seals

In locations outside of the DACH region where Amex Sanivar technicians are not readily available to measure a pipe, the importance of properly measuring and documenting the condition of the pipe is crucial.

View of Amex® Seals installed in stormwater pipe in Greeley, CO

Amex® Seals are made to order – they are meant to fit like a glove. Measuring and documenting any washout, joint displacement/offset, or other damages is crucial to ensuring that Amex Sanivar can produce seals that can be brought to the location, without having to be adapted on-site.

For questions on how to measure accurately, contact your Amex Sanivar representative.



Over the course of three days, Amex Sanivar technicians met with, trained, and installed seals with the Greeley Stormwater team. They discussed potential jobs, the capabilities of the Amex® Seal system, and how best to work together in the future.

Amex Mono® Specifications

How it works

● Amex® Seals are composed of EPDM, NBR or FKM rubber providing both flexibility and endurance

● With a size range from 600mm to 6000mm, there is something for almost every job

● Tested to withstand internal pressures of up to 25 bar and external pressure up to 8 bar

● The seals can be installed in any type of pipe material and most shapes

Main advantages

● Use of hydraulic tool allows for quick and easy installation

● Design life of over 50 years!

● More than 30 years of experience between our technicians

● Own production and service

● No resin, no impregnation, and no curing needed

● Can be custom made to fit your specifications

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