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SaniTube in Sweden

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

600 meters SaniTube DN400

A drinking water pipeline was repaired in 2018 by the contractor Pollex. SaniTube was chosen for this task because it is quick and easy to install. One of the biggest challenges for Pollex was the rehabilitation of the line, which ran under a road. Thanks to SaniTube and its trenchless installation method, a quick and efficient solution could be found that would not disturb the local community or cause major disruptions to the end customer.

SaniTube Specifications

How it works

· SaniTube® consists of a textile liner, and a double-sided thermoplastic coating

· Suited for the rehabilitation of all common types of pipes DN50 to DN450

· Suitable for great variety of media: potable water, sewage, industrial applications, gas, oil, and petrol

· SaniTube® is pulled-in via standard winch and reconnected to host pipe using a flange coupling

Main advantages

· Rehabilitation of up to 3000m in a single pull – incl. bends of up to 40°

· Design life of 50 years

· No resin, no impregnation, and no curing needed

· High resistance to pressure: burst pressures of over 34 bar w/o host pipe and resistant to vacuum

· Easy installation & no need for special equipment

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