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Amex Mono© Seal helps hydropower plant seal leaking joints in the Dientenbach Hydropower Plant

Waren, Germany from the water.
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The Dientenbach hydropower plant is located on the border of two districts – Pinzgau and Pongau, and extends over three municipalities – Dienten, Teaxenbach and Goldegg.

This hydropower plant is a key source of power and part of the future of Austria’s plans to be climate neutral. When leaking joints were discovered it was imperative that they be fixed – and fast.

That is why they looked to Amex Sanivar to help solve their problems.


As Dientenbach is a hydropower plant in a more remote part of Austria, this job provided a number of difficulties.

The primary challenge focused around the location of the joints and position of the pipelines. The majority of the pipelines provided no real opportunity for digging, thus the only way to access to the pipes had to be done through manholes located both inside and outside of the plant. Most manholes were sized DN 600, creating challenges when bringing the material into the pipe.


Over the course of 3 days Amex Sanivar Amex Sanivar installed 24 Amex Mono© Seals 260mm width, plus two more Amex Mono© Seals 500mm width. The pipes were able to be in reinstated after the installation was complete.

Amex Mono© Specifications

How it works

● Amex© Seals are composed of EPDM, NBR or FKM rubber providing both flexibility and endurance

● With a size range from 600mm to 6000mm, there is something for almost every job

● Tested to withstand internal pressures of up to 25 bar and external pressure up to 8 bar

● The seals can be installed in any type of pipe material and most shapes

Main advantages

● Use of hydraulic tool allows for quick and easy installation

● Design life of over 50 years!

● More than 30 years of experience between our technicians

● Own production and service

● No resin, no impregnation, and no curing needed

● Can be custom made to fit your specifications

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